About me (Regina)!

My name is Regina and I'm originally from Texas. I've been living here permanently in the UK for almost three years now, although I have been journeying here for over 6 years. I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Business as well as other various studies.

I have always been a real foodie but never had anyone to cook for. After I got married I had someone to finally try my new creations. And a great perk to that is, I live in London which gives me access to amazing ingredients and cuisines for inspiration.

My blog is dedicated to giving inspiration for someone on the go. I aim to write recipes so that anyone can follow easily, and practice time management while cooking so that everything is done at the same time with minimal stress! Sharing my knowledge of food and cooking it is something that really makes me happy. I love cooking for my friends and family and I enjoy it even more when people ask me to make certain things and write a recipe that's 'easier' or more understandable. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a professional photographer, although I'm reading a book now to help me improve. I always say, it's all about the food. The food doesn't have to look amazing, it just has to taste that way!

I cook a variety of foods including vegetarian, vegan, weight conscious items, indulgent menus and fast easy meals. I don't believe that only one type of diet in life is worth eating. I really believe that everything in moderation is very important. I don't claim to have a degree in nutrition but I do know that I'm extremely happy, and the food I cook makes me smile, and wouldn't change anything about trying all sorts of foods, it's given me such perspective about the world, and I'm always eager to try more.

The only thing I ask about anyone who reads a recipe or even tries a recipe is comment and/or email me about it. I frequently get asked questions and the feedback really helps me edit to a way that is more easily understood.

With all of this mumbo jumbo out of the way, please enjoy having a look around my blog and enjoy it, and I hope you share your journey along with me! Thank you!