Tuesday 21 June 2011

Lamb Curry

So curry can be a difficult thing to make, and time consuming. But if you love it enough you will do what it takes to get an authentic homemade taste. This recipe is versatile, although it has a lot of ingredients; I have yet to find a good recipe that has a small amount. The more the ingredients the more depth of flavour is added to your dish. This can easily be made vegetarian substituting the lamb with anything such as aubergines (eggplant), courgettes, okra, etc… I hope that I can break down the steps simply enough to get you started, to 1) Blend your own spices, and 2) Adapt this to anything you like to eat with your curry. Serves 4.

400-500g Lamb cubes (lean)
2 onions
Half red pepper
Half yellow pepper
Two tomatoes
1-2 chillies
200g puree of lentils (mash half a can)
Juice 200g pineapple can (in own juice)
2 tbsp. mango chutney
¼ c yogurt (I use non-fat Greek)
2 tbsp. tomato puree
1 tbsp. ginger puree (buy pre-made or chop a thumb size nob to a fine dice/mince.)
1 tbsp. garlic puree (see ginger puree)
½ c lamb stock (made from a cube, or use water)
1 tbsp. chilli powder
½ tbsp. turmeric powder
1-2 tbsp. curry powder (recipe follows)
5-10 cardamom pods
1 tbsp. garam masala (buy it at most stores or omit if you can’t find it)
1-2 tbsp. vegetable oil

To Start:
If you don’t have curry powder you’ll need to make your own, recipe follows. Mix in a paste the ginger puree, garlic puree, curry powder, turmeric, chilli powder, and a little water. Set aside.

Slice peppers, onions, tomatoes and chilli(s), set aside.

To Continue:
Mix together yogurt, tomato puree, lentils, lamb stock (or water).

To assemble the curry:
Fry in oil, onions and peppers on high heat for about 5 minutes in a large sauté pan.
Add the paste and fry for about 5 minutes coating the onions and peppers and becoming fragrant.
Next add the lamb, chillies, tomatoes and sauté for a further 5 minutes until the meat is browned.
Next add the pineapple juice, mango chutney and cardamom pods.
To finish add the yogurt, tomato lentil mixture.
If a little thick add a little water to get the texture you like.
Bring to a low simmer for about 20 minutes.
Finally add the garam masala and coriander at the end.
Serve over Basmati rice and enjoy…

Curry Powder:
2 tbsp. cumin
2 tbsp. ground coriander
½ tsp. cayenne
½ tsp. turmeric
½ tsp. mustard powder (English)
½ tsp. ground ginger
Mix together and keep in an airtight container.


  1. You should, it's not as hard as it looks, just some simple steps to get through.