Tuesday 25 September 2012

Be Inspired By My Veggie Box

In my effort to rekindle my passion for fruit and vegetables I have taken a short break from blogging to get more in touch with food and get inspired by different vegetables.

A lot of my interest on this expedition has gone into vegetarian cooking along with fish. I've spent many years of my young life as a vegetarian and some of my adult life. Getting away from that has really limited the potential in the vegetable department.

Of course I'm not going to go completely vegetarian but I wanted to expand my recipe collection. Also, having a good knowledge of vegetables can come in handy in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and weight. As I'm not experienced in actively lowering any of the before mentioned things, I am just going at my own pace, trying out different grains and miscellaneous veg box items.

I'd also like to extend the invitation for anyone to share with me their favorite vegetarian or fish dishes so that I can recreate them my way or share any useful techniques I might be able to add to it. Maybe it's just something you'd like to make but don't know an easy way....let me know via comment or email. So, with that I leave and keep an eye out for all my new recipes and please send me some ideas!!

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