Sunday 24 April 2011

35 million steps. Step one.

There must be 35 million steps in life to get somewhere right? My life has taken me in some really interesting directions. Some of my most passionate things have become my life and something I’d like to share every day. So step one is…well step one is figuring out how to start a blog. I think what I’m going to do is talk about what it’s like to be aware of the type of days that you lead for start. There are fast days, slow days, going out days and running around town and never home days. I think it’s really important to know what kind of days you’re living. At the moment for me, I’m living a rather slow paced everyday life, but the one thing I can’t stand is inefficiency in the kitchen. I usually tend to prepare my meals to maximize my time doing as many things as possible. I don’t think that my need for speed in the kitchen comes from any sort of efficiency issue. I just tend to be very logical about the order I do things and it tends to really get the job done. I’m good at prioritizing and managing how to group different bits of prep work to get me to the end result faster.

I have a lot of favourite recipes that I breeze through, and it takes 30-45mins tops to get dinner on the table with a very nice spread I might add. One of my biggest things is I want to help people become more efficient. In my last years at University it was apparent that I had become very controlling in my everyday business life, trying to juggle 18hrs my graduating semester really turned me a new leaf in my life, not to mention the further stress of a wedding I planned all by myself!  A part of me I had really never seen before. Sometimes you see part of yourself emerge and you can channel it for good. I think almost a year later the rolling towards the good is finally kicking in. I’ve been able to find my sweet spot when it comes to management. Food.

I’ve never been a stranger to helping people figure out what to do with their food and make a balanced meal. I’m a part of IRC (internet relay chat) and I have friends from 10+ years ago, some bachelors in previous years would say to me, “I have pasta, eggs, frozen peas and mayonnaise! What do I do with it!”  Well needless to say some really interesting things came from it, but for the most part I like thinking of anything you can do with the smallest amount of ingredients. When I was going to school in Texas I would try to help my husband come up with meals that he could cook quickly after work, that were nutritious and provided the escape from the takeout pizza or curry. He was able to do it easily because I simplified the directions to where it was as fast and simple as possible to achieve a really nice meal.

So basically that’s my goal here, food fast, while still adding something healthy to it. My future goal is to own my own company. I am interested in mixing spices to make cooking easier; my main focus has been on Mexican cuisine, since I’ve been raised on that culture. But, reinventing recipes so that they taste good, made fast, and are healthy is what it’s all about. That’s what we all want out of life, to be happy and not constantly guilty about our food choices. As I work every day to change my life style, I hope to be able to share that same enthusiasm with you and hopefully you will try my recipes and find that they are doable, manageable and GOOD!

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