Monday 25 April 2011

No Time Like the Present. Step 2.

So, when I think about writing this blog I like to think of it as therapeutic steps. These steps are the ones that get me through the day and help me maintain a certain lifestyle and eating habits. I know that like most people, we always aren’t able to make the best choices when it comes to eating at home, eating at a friend’s house, eating out, or even just snacking throughout the a day. Living in London for sure has its drawbacks with food. When I first moved here I was blown away with the amount of food for pecking on at every little shop two steps from one another. Sandwiches, crisps (American chips), candy, soda, and LIQUOR! I’m sure this probably comes to no surprise to people have live in cities where everyone walks everywhere and grabs what they can when they can to feed themselves or just not pass out. For me this was a new concept totally, so I was lured into the cheese snacks and the “nice” sandwiches, and seemed healthy. To a person like me who drives everywhere in Texas we usually can wait without food and resist buying some re-hydrated piece of garbage at the mini mart to fill a gap in our stomach. So I thought, hey, this is healthy stuff, it’s a sandwich, it’s not a fried burger from a fast food joint, which to be honest, here in London are sort of few and far between unless you spend most of your time at the big train stations.

My first goal was to reevaluate and stop luring myself into the food that’s out there and eat at my house before I went anywhere. What really helped me personally was helping someone else, my husband. He turned into my test subject. He gets all my experiments, that were initially just dinner, but he doesn’t complain because he loves eating (who doesn’t!). But if I was going to make this an all-around life style I had to eat breakfast lunch and dinner. Feeding my husband was part of that too. He was spending a lot of money each week on crappy sandwiches, high in fat, cholesterol and all other bad things so I really wanted to address that and now I try to send him with lunch every day for school, oh I mean work. But it keeps food around the house for me to eat as well as helping him maintain his and my weight. I definitely realized that if I was to succumb to the sinful food available to me which I had been previously doing, I was going to make both him and I explode into those people that drive around in the super markets in a scooter because they’re too overweight to walk around themselves. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I don’t want it for myself. Needless to say, I think its small changes in your life; shifting one decision from another is what really makes a difference. It may not always happen fast, or it may not always make you feel as if a difference is happening in your body, but in the end, if you start taking care of your body, your body will take care of you. End of story.

Next chapter: Recipes and all sorts of good stuff, so keep an eye out.

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