Monday 10 October 2011

James's Ras El Hanout Latkes

So as some of you might know, my husband and I embarked on a culinary journey this past weekend. My husband said he wanted to spend time with me over the weekend cooking a meal. I thought it was a great idea and let him pick the cuisine and I organized the activities. We had a full Moroccan meal that started with simple hummus and pita bread. I’m going to post my recipes separately so they’ll be located easier. Starting with the sides this is a classic Moroccan type pancake. This recipe feeds about 4 people and we had the leftovers for breakfast next morning!

3-4 medium potatoes
1 small onion
¼ - ½ c flour (depending on how watery the potatoes are)
1 egg
1 tbsp. ras el hanout seasoning
Zest of one lemon
Oil for frying

To Start:
Peel and rinse potatoes and leave in a bowl of water until ready to assemble.
Peel the outer layer of skin off the onion and set aside.
In a large bowl full of water, grate the potatoes into the water to remove some starch.
When all the potatoes are peeled and rinsed, drain the water.
Grate the onion on top of the potatoes.
Add the flour, ras el hanout, egg and lemon zest.
Mix until incorporated.

To Cook:
Get a skillet hot with oil, about 2-3 tbsp.
When very hot ladle spoonful’s to make a potato type pancake.
Cook until crispy and golden brown, about 5 minutes on each side.

Stay tuned to the rest of the dishes!

Note: Ras El Hanout is a moroccan spice blend that you can find a recipe and make yourself or find any any ethnic grocery store.

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