Friday 27 February 2015

Easy Bacon Jam

Bacon jam. It doesn't really need much explaining. It's sweet and savoury and all things you could expect from two really wonderful things that you can put on bread. I found this especially delicious as an addition to cheese on toast, and just toast.

Before I made the recipe fit my own standards I did a lot of looking at a lot of different recipes. I used what I had and what flavour profile I wanted to get out of it. I just happened to have a bottle of wild blueberry maple syrup so I decided to use that. I really think that anyone could get by without this and just use regular maple syrup and be just fine. I also decided at first that this would be a slow cooker recipe, but it just didn't transpire in translation when I actually went to make it. I made the first few parts or so in a pan, and then transferred. I was very impatient and did not want to leave this to boil away for 8 hrs!! Even though I gave it a go, but it was too slow!! So I just took it out, transferred it to a small pan and boiled the crap out of it until it was a sticky slimey yummy ooey gooey jam! The ingredients for this makes a small jar full, or about 10 servings (I use about a tablespoon per slice of toast). You could easily double it, and it would be a fantastic artisan gift! Enjoy!
bacon jam
Particularly good with cheese! :)

400g smoked streaky bacon 1cm pices
¼ c. dark muscovado sugar (regular brown sugar is fine)
½ c. Jack Daniels Honey (regular Jack Daniels is fine too)
¼ c. blueberry maple syrup
½ c. espresso or coffee
200g onions diced
¼ c. apple cider vinegar
4 cloves garlic

Cut up all the bacon into small strips of 1cm.
Dice the onion and garlic.
Get a pan roaring hot.
Start to render the fat on the bacon by placing them in the hot pan and stirring constantly.
When your bacon is crispy and golden drain off all the fat either by spooning it out or using a lot of paper towels. Make sure you've got most of the fat out.

Next add in the onions and garlic and stir fry for about 5-10 minutes on medium heat.
Next add the muscovado sugar and stir through until you have coated the onions and it's starting to look sticky.
Crank up the heat and add in the Jack Daniel's until reduced by half, then add in the maple syrup, coffee and
Bring up to a rolling boil and then turn down and simmer stirring frequently for about 1hr or unti all of the liquid is gone and you just are left with jam.

*****Note: did not use a slow cooker a
fter all, even though it shows one in the photo


  1. Wow, Gina - even though I don't eat meat, this is making my mouth water! I can imagine how good this is with cheese. Yummy!

    By the way - have you ever had the Jack Daniel's barbecue sauces? I'm completely in love with the Swineapple one. I get mine from a really good company in Northants, called Chillbug, which sells it mail order (there seems to be nothing like it here in Slovenia). I also get my Liquid Smoke from them, as it's so much cheaper than anywhere else I've found it (and again, none here in Slo). They have a great range of chilli sauces et al too.


    1. I really enjoyed the bacon jam. :) I think anyone should give it a go :D

      I haven't ever had JD sauces except for in the states. Haven't seen them much here..I just tend to make my own BBQ sauce, which I need liquid smoke for! I normally buy it on amazon but pay so much, luckily a friend just came over from Texas and dropped a lot of different types of smoke and different sauces. Come summer, the barbecue is going to be interesting!

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